25-Seven 2001-00351-000 LIVEWIRE Program Delay Manager

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Unique to PDM is its patented PD-Alert, a feature set that internally archives a time stamped before/after audio file snapshot whenever the Dump button gets pressed. PD-Alert can be set to automatically e-mail one or more station personnel, such as the PD, GM or the legal department, when a dump event occurs.

PDM’s data delay features ensure that ancillary information remains synchronized with audio content during delay, expansion, compression or when Dump is activated. PAD data can be fed through PDM on its RS232 or IP ports. Equally important is full bi-directional serial communication allowing PDM to be controlled by on-air systems using RS232 or serial data over IP using a simple command language.

PDM comes in two models: one with balanced analog and AES digital I/O and the other with AoIP for Livewire. Both come with a programmable 8x8 opto-isolated GPI/O.

The uncluttered front panel rests atop a powerful suite of features. PDM users can build a delay by time expansion (audio plays slower than real-time) or audio file play out (one of the internally stored audio files plays while the talent’s audio buffers). Exiting a delay can be accomplished through rollout (talent pauses and waits to resume talking after the buffer has emptied) or time compression (audio plays faster than real time until the delay is reduced to 0). Seamless time expansion and compression algorithms keep air sounding natural, even on stereo music, and rates can be adjusted dynamically depending on audio content. 99 seconds of delay is standard.

PDM allows for easy configuration and control from any browser over a LAN or WAN. Software updates can be emailed and user installed using a simple browser tool.

  • 1 RU, 19" x 12"
  • 110-240V AC