360 Systems DCEM-RC-320 DigiCart/Ex Full Function Remote Control

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The fully-featured remote control RC320 can easily access all DigiCart/EX's advanced features.

DigiCart/E offers two desk-top Remote Controls for a wide range ofoperations. Each provides a small foot print while delivering access toDigiCart's advanced features. Hot-Keys™ allow instant one-stroke playbackof assigned Cuts or Stacks (Playlists). Find operations permit quick accessto any Cut or Stack.

The RC-320 Remote Control models use the Remote Bus connector.

The upper row of Function Keys are assigned to specific DigiCart transportcontrols, menu selection, and other operational functions.The keyboards work very nicely along with the RC-320 in creating anexcellent human interface to the DigiCart for optimum convenience andefficiency in operations.

The RC-320 is a full-featured Remote Control suitable for desk-topproduction activities. It provides access to all DigiCart functions.Expanded Preset operations are available via the Utility Menu.You can control up to four individual DigiCarts with the RC-320.You can build and play Quickstacks using the Make Playlist key.You can access up to 16 Presets for instant playback of Cuts or LinearStacks.Find operations are available by ID number on the numeric keypad. TheSTACK DIR key lends ready access to the Stack Directory.

Operational Features

  • Display: In the cued position, the display shows Cut name, index number,length of Cut, assigned directory and drive source. It also shows theCuts sampling rate and recording mode- linear or Dolby AC-2encoded. In the play mode, it shows remaining or elapsed time,current Cut and the next Cut cued up.
  • Position Arrows: Select drives and directories.
  • Select Arrows: Review Cuts by scrolling through directory listing. Displays Cut nameand time.
  • Presets: "Hot Keys" for rapid playback of sixteen pre-assigned Cuts.
  • Find (NO DEDICATED KEY): Access Cuts from the current directory, or any other directory, bydirectly entering the assigned ID number.
  • Keypad: Use these 10 keys to enter Cut ID (index) numbers. Simply punch inthe number and hit the ENTER key. (This provides visual verificationon the display of the proper Cut.) Hit PLAY when ready forplayback.
  • Stack Directory: Direct access to the stack directory when using the FIND function.
  • Cancel: Cancels incorrect entries.
  • Enter: Enters/confirms new selections or entries.
  • Assign Presets: Selected Cuts are "mapped" to the sixteen presets. Hard diskaccess to Cuts only; presets cannot be assigned from Bernoulli disk.
  • View Playlist: Visual preview of a playlist before use. (Precludes playback when inthis mode.)
  • Make Playlist: Assemble groups of Cuts together. (Activates the PAUSE function.)
  • Play-Stop-Record: Controls DigiCart transport functions from RC-320.
  • Loop: Plays a Cut or a Stack continuously.
  • Pause: Places machine on "hold" in both play and record modes. Also usedto preview PRESET assignments.
  • Edit Menu: Selects Edit Menu options.
  • Setup Menu: Selects Setup Menu options.
  • Utility Menu: Selects Utility Menu options.
  • Notes:
    • The terms Stack and Playlist are synonymous.
    • DigiCart, DigiCart/II, and DigiCart/II Plus are used interchangeably.
    • Original DigiCarts (DigiCart/I) require Version 2 Firmware in order to use the RC-320.
    • DigiCart/II requires firmware 2.31 or higher to use the RC-320.

Mechanical & Electrical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1.875" x 11.5" x 7" (47.6mm x 292mm x 178mm) (H-W-D)
  • Weight: 5 lbs. (2.3 kg)
  • Display: 2-line x 20 character CCF backlit, super-twist LCD display. Viewing angleadjustment on rear panel.
  • Power Supply: Fed from DigiCart/E RC-320 through 9 to 15 pin cable.Optional alternate power connection for local power source located on rearpanel of Remote Control units; standard power coaxial jack w/ 2.1mm dia.center pin, 5.5mm O.D., center pin positive voltage; contact 360 Systems fordetails. This allows for cable runs of longer than 328 ft.
  • Cable: 25 foot (7.5 meters) highly flexible 9 to 15 pin conductor cable.Connects directly to DigiCart/II or RCA-59 Interconnect Cable Assembly.Maximum extended cable length 328 ft. (100 meters). With local powermaximum extended length is 3936 ft. (1200 meters).