360 Systems DR-600 Instant Replay 2 Audio Clip Player with Editing

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360 Systems’ DR-600 Instant Replay 2 places 1,000 audio cuts at your fingertips! Get instant access to an entire audio library of your own creation.

Pack it up for the road, or install it in the studio or control room. Instant Replay 2 is designed for creative people who need quick response, intuitive operation, and top-quality audio. It’s a completely selfcontained production studio and spot player in a box. And, unlike PCs, Instant Replay 2 has the immediacy of real buttons.

Straightforward controls make operation easy and intuitive. The Instant Replay 2 records better-than-CD-quality audio directly to hard disk, edits it, and then provides playback from 50 Hot-keys. Play your cuts instantly, in any order, as many times as needed. When audio elements are needed in a special sequence, Instant Replay 2 lets you build playlists, and store them for future use.

The Instant Replay 2 stores 24 hours of stereo on its large internal hard disk. There’s never a restriction on cut length – record anything from a short sound effect to fulllength musical performances. Instant Replay 2 always delivers premium audio quality, with zero delay.

360 Systems' “Dash-E” software includes powerful editing tools like head and tail trims, fade-ins, fade-outs, and even gain changes. Now it’s easy to extract sound effects from a bed, or make loops of music and ambient effects.

The Instant Replay 2 arranges cuts in 10 banks of 50, so related sound effects or music cues can be stored together. The built-in keyboard makes it easy to give each cut a name and unique ID number.

The Instant Replay 2 includes a 100Mb Ethernet port for transferring files to and from a PC. Now quickly back up your entire audio library, or transfer audio to a PC for editing – it’s as easy as point-n-click.

  • Model: DR-600
  • Instant access to 1,000 cuts
  • Ethernet networking for file transfer and backup
  • 16/24-bit, 44.1/48kHz recording formats
  • WAV file support
  • Balanced +4dBu and unbalanced -10dBV audio I/O
  • Precise editing of heads, tails, fades and levels
  • Large illuminated buttons for easy hands-on operation
  • Displays cut names, ID numbers, and length
  • Store multiple playlists of any size