360 Systems MAXX-1000 3 Channel SD Broadcast Video Server, 4TB

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The MAXX-1000 broadcast video servers from 360 Systems host an array of options in one single unit.

360 Systems' MAXX-500 and MAXX-1000 servers provide sophisticated features plus mass storage, all in a compact package. Finally, high performance and an attractive price.

360 Systems’ MAXX Image Servers are a clean synthesis of new, file-based workflows and traditional base-band standards. Now, MAXX servers include most Image Server options in a single, attractively priced package.

A MAXX server can operate as a standard definition video recorder, as a 3-channel playout server, and as a graphics store. It’s able to record and play broadcast-quality MPEG-2 video (at 4:2:2 bit-rates all the way to 50 Mb/sec), and also exchange MPEG-2 or DV files with popular editors like Final Cut Pro® and Avid®.

For news and live programs, MAXX imports full-screen graphics, ganged key-and-fill pairs and animations, making it a multi-channel graphics source. Create your graphics with Photoshop® or After Effects®; edit video with Final Cut Pro®, Newscutter™, Xpress DV/Pro, or many others-then FTP your finished work to a MAXX Server for playout.

MAXX’s combination of hardware and software provides a smooth upgrade path from video tape, and a drop-in replacement for earlier servers. It’s ideally suited for weather systems, remote trucks, graphics storage, extra digital channels, and production centers. MAXX includes all the advanced features needed for file-based production and broadcast. But equally important, it retains base-band connectivity, so it’s compatible with your existing equipment. Standard features include a frame synchronizer, composite and SDI video ports; AES/EBU and balanced analog audio, and even SDI-embedded audio. A full set of XLR connectors lets MAXX fit easily in existing facilities. There’s never a need to buy outboard conversion accessories.

  • Self-contained video recorder and three channel playout server
  • Play graphics, animations, and key-and-fill pairs
  • Advanced Playlisting software builds complex rundowns
  • Capture and cache satellite feeds
  • Trim, edit and segment content
  • Video source for weather, music TV, and video wallpaper
  • Create remote workstations with included software
  • Perfect for backup and ‘evergreen' applications
  • Fast FTP file transfer with NLEs
  • Reconcile billing with accurate As-Run logs

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