360 Systems MAXX-1200 HD 3 Channel HD w/ HDMI Server, 70 hrs of Storage

MAXX-1200 HD
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360 Systems brings the exceptional high defintion server MAXX 1200 HD that can be easily upgraded for more options and features.

The EX servers provides great value for HD. It's no surprise that a high-capacity model of 360 Systems' MAXX-1200 should follow its acclaimed original. The EX designation establishes a new standard of value among broadcast servers—8 Terabytes of internal storage, three video channels, and a great set of production tools—all this in a compact, low-cost package.

Three HD Channels

The 1200-EX can play three high-definition video streams, or it can record one and play two others, while simultaneously ingesting content via Ethernet. It also serves as a graphics store with linked key-and-fill capabilities. Standard features include SDI video I/O with a frame sync feature, so it can handle wild sources like tape, cameras, and satellite feeds. Eight channels of embedded audio and two channels of +4 analog audio are provided for each video stream. Audio easily expands to 24 channels for surround.

Better Images with JPEG 2000

JPEG-2000 has distinguished itself for near-lossless encoding of images and complete freedom from visual artifacts. It’s a better level of high definition image quality, well-suited for production and broadcast. JPEG-2000 is increasingly found in new cameras and transmission channels, and its easy-to-edit “I-frame” format is accepted by professional NLEs such as Grass Valley’s Edius. The 1200-EX operates at a wide range of video rates, making it an excellent choice for production, broadcast, and high-quality projection.

Workflows for the Next Generation

The 1200-EX supports file-based workflows through its fast Gigabit Ethernet link. SDI inputs and outputs, and versatile analog and digital audio options make it a smooth fit for production, broadcast, and Pro AV. Fully compatible with leading automation, the 1200-EX is well suited for play-to-air, caching satellite feeds, key-and-fill graphics, remote trucks, and slow-motion for sports.

  • 1 Record/Play channel and 2 dedicated Play channels.
  • 140 hours internal program storage in 1200-EX model (70 hours in 1200-HD model)
  • Slow-motion playback, forward/reverse
  • Tools for playlisting, precise trimming, and segmenting
  • Remote workstation software
  • Full-featured Graphic User Interface
  • File import/export on Gigabit Ethernet
  • 8-channel embedded audio
  • 2 analog outputs per video channel
  • 24-channel digital audio (option)
  • Key-and-Fill playout
  • Fault-tolerant RAID protection of stored program content; front drive access
  • The industry leader in price and performance

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