Ace Backstage Downstage Combo Stage Pocket

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ACE BACKSTAGE CO., INC. medium-sized Stage Pocket, the Half Stage Pocket, is a standard general use vertical slant panel flush stage pocket. The Half Stage Pocket is made of heavy duty steel and may be used to conceal audio, communications, control, data, electric AC power, switches, video, and voice connections etc. below the floor surface for easy access and to prevent connector damage. The Half Stage Pocket has a medium capacity inter-changeable panel system which permits easy custom connector/panel configurations.

*NOTE: Picture is intended to reference the size of the pocket, but is not a factual representation of items included in the package*

Included in the ACE-PKG6 Package
  • (1) 123SLBK Half-Size Stage Pocket with Standard Lid, Black

    • Dimensions with Lid: Width 4.375" Height 4.500" Depth 7.156"
  • (1) PNL-106 PUNCHED PANEL 6x
  • (1) C-15114 Neutrik NAUSB-B Reversible D-Series USB Gender Changer
  • (1) C-15142 Neutrik NAHDMI-W-B Feedthru HDMI, Black
  • (1) C-25127 Connectrix Switchcraft #11 Mono 1/4" Jack for Ace Backstage Panels
  • (1) C-25116 Connectrix RJ45/Cat5 Feed-Thru Connector for Ace Backstage Panels
  • (1) C-15111 Neutrik NL4MP 4-Pole Locking Speakon Connector for Ace Backstage Panels