Ace Backstage Personal Monitor Combo Stage Pocket

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ACE BACKSTAGE CO., INC. Stage Pocket Systems offer CONNECTIVITY Solutions with a flexible, reliable, and simplistic design. The flexible design of ACE's Stage Pocket Bodies, Trim Bezel Lid Assemblies, Custom and Prefabricated Aluminum Panels, and large selection of CONNECTRIX connectors allow the Stage Pockets to be installed in a variety of applications including audio, communications, control, data, electric, video, and voice terminations.

*NOTE: Picture is intended to reference the size of the pocket, but is not a factual representation of items included in the package*

Included in the ACE-PKG1 Package
  • (1) 122SLBK Full-Size Stage Pocket with Standard Lid, Black

    • Dimensions with Lid: Width 8.00" Height 3.500" Depth 7.187"
  • (1) ISO22BAC Full Back Access Cover with Isolatoin Bracket Installed
  • (1) PNL-128+ Aluminum F Panel with 8 Connectrix and 1 Duplex Cutouts
  • (2) C-15128 Neutrik NC3FD-S-1-B 3-Pin XLR Female Chassis Connector
  • (2) C-15133 Neutrik NE8FDP-B Ethercon Cat5 D Series Feedthru, Black
  • (2) C-15134 Neutrik NL4MP-ST Screw Terminal SpeakON Receptacle
  • (2) C-15110 Neutrik NJ3FP6C-BAG 1/4" TRS Locking Phone Jack for Ace Backstage Panels