Ace Backstage Video Feed / Live Camera Support Stage Pocket

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ACE BACKSTAGE CO., INC. has partnered with major brand connector manufacturers to allow permanent installation Stage Pocket connectivity for tons of specialty connectors and cables.

*NOTE: Picture is intended to reference the size of the pocket, but is not a factual representation of items included in the package*

Included in the ACE-PKG5 Package
  • (1) 154SLBK Super Double Wide Pocket with Standard Lid, Black

    • Supporting the ANSI recommended bend radius for fiber optic, digital, and control cables, the 154SLBK ACE Stage Pocket allows cable end connection to stretch out, reducing the destruction of these specialty cables.
    • Generous panel bracket assembly to mount various connectors including those with exaggerated (MASS) connection points - 7" W X 6" D of behind panel clearance. Adding to the corrosion resistance of the zinc plated pocket body, ACE Specialty Pockets are thermoplastic polyurethane sealed making them resistant to solvents, acids, and moisture intrusion. With an empirical hardness value they have excellent abrasion resistance. The 154SLBK Panel Bracket Assembly includes an isolated high voltage raceway divider to support a single gang duplex receptical for A/C connectivity.
  • (2) DB Narrow Black Steel Duplex Cover Plate
  • (1) WP-305 Triple Gang Plate with 4 Connectrix Cutouts and 1 OptialCon Cutout, Black
  • (1) C-15136 Neutrik NO2-4FDW-A OpticalCON DUO Chassis, Black
  • (2) C-26123 Connectrix DisplayPort Feed Thru
  • (2) C-15110 Neutrik NJ3FP6C-BAG 1/4" TRS Locking Phone Jack for Ace Backstage Panels