AKG CU400 Charging Station for AKG Wireless Systems

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Any wireless microphone system depends on sufficiently charged batteries in all the transmitters. There is nothing more embarrassing than a transmitter running out of juice in the middle of the show, or a voice fading as the transmitter battery dies.

TheAKGCU400 charging unit puts an end to this kind of hassle. It can charge two batteries simultaneously to full capacity within one hour, and there is no risk of overcharging the batteries.

And what's best, you can leave the batteries inside the transmitters. The transmitters and charger use integrated charging contacts so all you have to do is plug the transmitters into the CU400 charging unit and remove them after charging.

  • Plug-in charging
  • Two charging slots
  • Gentle quick-charge mode
  • Status display

For use with AKG HT400, PT400, HT4PRO, PT40 PRO, FLEXX, and DUAL.