AKG GN50ESP 20" Gooseneck with XLR Connector and On/Off Switch for Discreet Capsules

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The newAKGGN ESP Series features a programmable mute switch to cover a wide range of applications. A bank of jumpers makes it easy to select the desired switch function for any application: on/off, push-to-talk or push-to-mute.

The mode selection jumpers are hidden inside the housing so they cannot be realigned unintentionally. An LED ring provides a clearly visible MIC ON/OFF indication. The bank of jumpers also allows the LED ring and the integrated bass rolloff filter to be enabled or disabled. In addition, the new electronic circuit design provides high immunity to radio-frequency interference.

  • Programmable mute switch
  • High RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) immunity
  • Rugged construction
  • Compatible with all Modular Series capsules
  • Highly reliable contacts for capsule modules
  • Integrated LED ring status indicator
  • Integrated, switchable bass cut
  • Integrated, gold-plated XLR connector

NOTE: Requires mic capsule (not included, order separately).