ARX UniMix AV/Podcast Mixer with 6 Mic/Line Inputs and 1 Stereo Input

MSRP: $995.00
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The ARX UniMix is a AV/Podcast Mixer with automatic gain control.

Introducing the new ARX UniMix! Six Balanced XLR Mic / Line input channels with individual level controls, plus a dedicated stereo RCA jack Line In channel. Each Mic/Line input has infinity to +6dB of Level available on the front panel, as well as a 10 to 50dB Input Gain control. The stereo Line Input channel has a -10 to +10dB Level Trim control, to allow accurate matching of any line level signals. On the rear panel, each of the 6 electronically balanced Mic inputs can be switched to Line via individual switches.

  • Automatic Gain Control for consistent audio recording levels
  • 6 Mic/Line Input channels with Balanced XLR Inputs
  • Dedicated stereo Line In channel
  • Individual Level controls from infinity through to +6dB
  • Master Level controls
  • Dedicated Transformer Isolated Recording Level control with Balanced XLR Outputs
  • Transformer Isolated Balanced XLR Auxiliary Output
  • Numbered Marker panels for channel assigns
  • Headroom to handle the hottest signals
  • Flawless performance in any audio environment