Audioarts SL-55e Spare Stereo Line Input Module for R-55e Console

Support Documentation:

SL-55e modules are for stereo line input signals. Each module accepts two stereo sources: A and B, switched at the top of the module. Recessed front panel multi-turn trimpots adjust the left and right levels. Output switches assign the selected source signal to any combination of the console's four outputs: two stereo outputs - PGM (program) and AUD (audition); and two mono outputs - MONO and PRE. *NOTE: the module does not need to be ON to feed the PRE output.*

A CUE switch places the module's signal on the console's cue bus, where it may be heard on the meterbridge mounted cue speaker and/or as an interrupt to the console operator's headphones and/or control room monitor speakers. The various cue interrupt modes are programmed at the console's CRS-55e module via PCB-mounted dipswitch. Level is set by a long-throw fader.

Channel ON (START) and OFF (STOP) switches are at the bottom of the module. In addition to being controlled remotely, these can also be programmed (via internal PCB-mounted dipswitch) to perform a variety of functions, including starting and stopping external source machines, activating control room and studio mutes, external tallies, and timer restart. The STOP switch's LED can be controlled by an external source machine to act as a "ready" indicator.

All audio and control input and output signals are made via the multipin DB-25 connector mounted on the top of the module and located underneath the hinged meterbridge.