Advocacy for the Live Event Industry

Posted by Tim LaPrade on Jul 21st 2020

"Here we are in the middle of the summer doldrums. This time last year, we were prepping shows, loading trucks, cursing the heat and looking forward to a day off. It’s a different world now. Though the pandemic has affected us all mightily, it’s hard not to think that we, in the live event industry are hardest hit, we make our living from the gatherings of people and in this environment, we have come to a complete standstill."

While is an equipment supplier to all sorts of industries, all which are affected in some way or another, we are especially close to the Live Event community.  Even more than some larger industries such as food or retail, the Live Event industry is effectively shuttered until 2021 or beyond at this point. Unlike the delivery options available to food and retail, or the limited bookings available to personal care companies: there isn't much market available to musicians, equipment operators, rental companies, and many other trades associated with Live Events.  

A recent poll by one of the industry trade organizations shows 77% of employees in the Live Event industry have lost 100% of their income and the Federal Government is slow to react. Congress is assembling this week to debate a new round of relief efforts and we need to let them know the plight of this specific industry. We have to blanket our State Senators with emails and telephone calls to let them know that we are looking to them and expecting them to see, hear, and act to help one of the most fully affected industries.

Many of you are familiar with NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants), they have done a very good job of maintaining current information regarding advocacy for this industry on their COVID-19 Policy Updates page.  Below is a link to on of their posts that includes template for a letter to submit to your Senators as well as a list of the emails that will get to the correct folks that can deliver them. Please consider taking a few minutes to respond.  The date of concern right now is July 24th, but as the Live Event Industry hasn't received as much attention, any advocating you can do will likely help.