COVID Update/New Safety Changes (July 2020)

Posted by Mark Helms on Jun 29th 2020

Well, it's about to be July of 2020, and we realized we should probably update everybody on the state of things for us at  Our company is blessed in many ways during this season, so far we've not had any significant health scares or major losses with our employees or close family members, we've managed to maintain business at an operable level through this unconventional time, and this has given us a great opportunity to evaluate a number of things inside of our business.  We are grateful to our customers, vendors, and even competitors during this time and while we look forward to a time where things are more settled, we are really comfortable with how things are working. 

That said, we want to be a responsible part of society and recognize that there is a lot of continued risk.  Our local government recently added a requirement for businesses to have a health and safety policy surrounding COVID-19, which we have complied with.  Here are the key points we feel our customers should know:

  • Until further notice, the inside of our business locations remains closed to the public (which it has been since April).  Meetings with sales or other staff must be conducted via electronic meeting, phone, or email.
  • Employees and guests are required to wear masks except where either it would pose a health risk or full social distancing can be observed.
  • Customer pickup should be limited to 'as needed', and customers will not be allowed in the building. 
  • We now REQUIRE customers to wear a mask in order to pickup product (as there isn't a practical way to maintain social distance when handling product and paperwork).
  • We are working to make sure our employees remain healthy or self-quarantine if needed.

As mentioned at the beginning, we are using this as an opportunity to evaluate our workplace environment and policies that we've had.  A few things of note that we think customers might need to know and/or find interesting:

  • We've realized that we need to be a little better and clear with our customer pickup procedure.  A few things to note:
    • Pickups must be arranged with more than an hour between an order being processed and the time when somebody arrives to pickup. 
    • If you are picking up and try knocking and nobody comes, please call our main number: (800) 979-3311  Occasionally there are times when somebody isn't actively in the warehouse and we don't want you waiting longer than you have to.
    • Some existing customers were accustomed to paying with pickup.  We want to discourage this as many of the staff to process payments are now working from home.  It's now a requirement to arrange an appointment to pay with pickup to ensure we have the proper personnel available at the right time.  
  • Having some of our employees working from home has gone so well that we've made the change to make a number of those employees permanent.  It appears that this really hasn't affected our customers in a significant way, but we thought we might share.
  • We have been working hard to keep new 'hot' items in stock.  Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to promote or advertise it as they fly off the shelves even without mentioning it.  It's always best/safest to call if you are looking for hot items like video streaming equipment, broadcast microphones, FM Transmitters, or other items like that.

The staff here at hopes that the effects of this have been minimal or even positive and we are so appreciative of our customers in this time.  Please feel free to reach out, even just to touch base.