Next COVID-19 Update

Posted by Mark Helms on Mar 23rd 2020 staff is trying (like everybody else), to keep up with the adjustments and increases in regulations for businesses in light of the further spread of COVID-19.  As such, we've made a few adjustments our customers should be aware of.

Starting March 24th, we will no longer be accepting any customers inside of our facility.  Customers looking to work with an account manager should contact us via phone or email, or contact their assigned account manager via one of those methods.  As needed, we can arrange a Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams video call for support or better visual communication. 

Orders designated for pickup will be picked up at our Warehouse entrance, we would recommend calling our main line 800-979-3311 prior to arriving to let us know you on en route.  Please just knock when you arrive if the door isn't open, and let our warehouse personnel know the order information.  Please remain in your car or outside until the order is pulled.  We apologize for how impersonal this feels, but it's a step we feel necessary to ensure the safety of our team.

We do plan on remaining open for business in whatever ways that restrictions do allow, but may continue to adjust our plan based on changing requirements.  We look forward to working with you and are hoping we can help you with your communication equipment needs during this difficult time.