Broadcast Tools MIXER BUDDY II 4-Input Microphone Mixer / Monitor Controller

MSRP: $219.00
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Mixer Buddy II provides four channels of microphone On/Off control via a
user supplied mixers insert points. The Mixer Buddy also provides powered
monitor source selection, selectable powered monitor muting and microphone
mixing to feed microphone audio to a user supplied telephone hybrid,
eliminating mix-minus hassles. These features allow popular “Live Music”
audio mixers to be used in broadcast and/or production environments.

The Mixer Buddy II adds six important functions to the mixer:

(1) provides convenient On/Off control of up to four microphones

(2) It mutes the powered monitor audio when a microphone is in use

(3) allows the user to adjust the powered monitor level locally

(4) it allows the user to monitor either the mixers program audio or an external audio source, such as off-the-air audio

(5) provides relay control of a “On The Air” studio
warning light 

(6) mixes the microphone audio to feed a user provided phone hybrid

 Convenient On/Off control of up to four microphones.
. Mutes the powered monitor audio when a microphone is in use. May be
disabled for each microphone channel.
. Pushbutton switch selection between two monitor sources and allows the
user to locally adjust the monitor level using a level adjustment knob.
. Provides one SPST (normally open) relay for control of the “On The Air”
studio warning light.
. Built-in four input microphone mixer for phone hybrid feed.