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Auralex HoverDeck Concert Drum Riser Isolation Platform

Auralex HoverDeck Concert Drum Riser Isolation Platform

  • SKU:  HD88C
  • $999.99
  • List Price: $1,099.99
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The Problem

Stages and traditional drum risers sympathetically vibrate (resonate) with the drums and/or PA system. These resonances feed back to the drums and are then picked up by the mics. TheAuralexHoverDeck is specifically engineered to reduce coloration from floor resonance by decoupling the drum kit from the structure, resulting in a tighter, more pure sound for both studio and FOH.

The Solution

No longer will hollow stages resonate with a muddy rumble, or will concrete floors suck the tone out of your kick drum and floor tom. In the studio, on stage or in the practice room, HoverDeck's rugged MDF laminate core & web-like ISO-Puck modular risers minimize structure-borne sound transmission and sympathetic vibrations between drums and hardware. Your drums can finally have rumble-free purity of tone like you've never heard before.

The HD-88 Concert is configured for larger drum kits and touring applications. It utilizes a set of low-profile isolating boards that assemble quickly via strategically placed hook and loop fasteners.

  • 8'x8' platform consisting of (12) HD-TC platforms
  • Dimensions: 23¾" x 31¾" x 1"