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SSAC FS155-30T Standard Beacon Tower Flasher

SSAC FS155-30T Standard Beacon Tower Flasher

  • SKU:  FS155-30T
  • $179.95
  • List Price: $229.18
  • You Save: 21.48%
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ABB SSAC B-KON Flashers have proven their reliability through years of use on Communication Towers, Smoke Stacks, Cooling Towers, Tall Buildings, Bridges and Utility Towers. The highest quality components are encapsulated in a rugged plastic housing with a molded-in heat transfer plate. The flash rate, ratio, and fail-safe design meet FAA regulations. Zero voltage switching can increase lamp life up to ten times.

  • Zero voltage switching - up to 10 times longer lamp life
  • No RFI caused by contacts closing
  • High inrush capability - up to 200 A
  • Auxiliary units for synchronous flashing or constant line loading

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