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Technomad RPA1 Weatherproof Restaurant PA System, Small

Technomad RPA1 Weatherproof Restaurant PA System, Small

  • SKU:  RPA1 1157

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Does your restaurant or retail space need a GREAT outdoor audio system? Are you tired of maintaining delicate "sound reinforcement" systems that can't handle the rigors of the real world?

If so, you need a Technomad high-performance 70-volt audio system. This pre-assembled and tested package gives you everything you need for great sound, either to extend your existing indoor PA system, or as a stand-alone PA for your whole facility. The system is completely weatherproof, sounds great, and is easy to install. For small restauraunts and retail spaces.

NOTE: Model RPA3 is pictured.

  • (2) Completely weatherproof military-grade Technomad Vernal 15T loudspeakers. These small but mighty loudspeakers have unmatched sound quality and projection, and are virtually indestructible.
  • Wallmount Speaker Brackets
  • Pre-wired amp/mixer rack, with Technomad 70-volt amplifier and 6 input mixers (multiple standard inputs for CD/Tape/iPod/Mp3 or background music system, as well as 2 microphone inputs). The amplifier is powerful enough to drive the Vernal loudspeakers as well as one optional Soho 12 subwoofer. Front 1/8″ input is provided on the mixer for easy iPod/Mp3 player connection.
  • 100′ reel of outdoor speaker cable
  • Weight: 133 lbs

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