Telos 2001-00022 ONE-x-Six 6-Line POTS Talk Show System

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ONE-x-Six now includes Assistant Producer call screening software!


Looking for a no-hassle solution that will let you get callers on the air fast? The Telos ONE x Six is the perfect multi-line talkshow system for use with up to six analog phone lines.

The ONE x Six has all of the telephone interface and control equipment needed for talk show programming. A single rack mounting unit houses both a Telos ONE digital hybrid and a six-line, broadcast phone system. For system control, the ONE x Six uses either our desktop Switch Console or Assistant Producer software (both sold separately).

To meet the needs of smaller facilities, we have made the ONE x Six very easy to install. Phone lines are connected using standard RJ-11C modular plugs. All Switch Console features found in our larger systems are fully implemented. A standard telephone set may be used for call screening.

The ONE x Six provides clean, quiet, and reliable switching of multiple telephone lines. Phone lines may be directly connected without intervening phone equipment. With the ONE x Six, successful talk shows sound great, are easy to produce, and won't cost a fortune in hardware. The basic ONE x Six may be expanded with the addition of a second Switch Console or a second hybrid for improved conferencing.



Digital Hybrid Section:
  • Identical to the all-digital performance and features of the Telos ONE.
Phone System Section with Switch Console:
  • Six-line call selector with enhanced functionality makes talk show management easy and intuitive
  • Program-on-hold input routes your selected audio to listeners waiting for air.
  • Caller screening and conferencing features make ONE x Six perfect for either on-air or recording environments.
  • Full implementation of Switch Console special functions.
Six special function buttons appear on the Switch Console:
  • Next selects the line that has been ringing-in the longest. If no lines are ringing in, it selects the line on hold the longest.
  • Busy All With the first press of this button, all lines that are neither in use nor on hold are made busy. On the second press, busy lines are dropped. One or more lines may be programmed as "hot lines" and will not be affected by this feature.
  • Flash / New is primarily for use with PBXs or Centrex telephone lines that require flashing to access features. The FLASH/NEW button can also be used for dropping a line; that is, to hang up a line and get dial tone back on the selected line without going through the usual OFF and LINE button press sequence.
  • Record Mode enables the operator to conveniently start a tape recorder. To ready the RECORD MODE, push the button once. The next time any LINE button is pressed, an output on the back of the Interface Module, or ONE x Six will activate a recording device.
  • Record Stop When this button is pushed, a closure output on the back of the Direct Interface, 1A2 Interface Module or ONE x Six stops the recording device. You may choose to assign another function to this button and closure.
  • Delay / Dump User Button activates an external profanity delay via a closure output on the back of the Direct Interface or 1A2 Interface Module or ONE x Six. You may choose to assign another function to this button and closure.



Hybrid Section
  • Processor True digital. Second generation Texas Instruments TMS320C25 processor. 8kHz sampling rate. Internal digital input and output gain processing, filtering.
  • Trans-Hybrid Loss >40dB with pink noise or voice as test input, all dynamic enhancement processing switched off. With the override and output expander functions switched in, trans-hybrid loss is enhanced to >50dB.
  • Send Level to Phone Line -10dBm average level. Maintained by internal digital AGC.
  • Send Audio Input XLR female connector. Active balanced. Accommodates -24dBm to +12dBm levels in LINE mode; -68dBm to -35dBm in MIC mode. Front panel screwdriver level adjustment.
  • Caller Audio Output XLR male connector. Active differential. Output levels to +14dBm depending on caller telephone line level and adjustment of front panel screwdriver level adjustment. Drives 600Ω.
  • Aux/Mix Output XLR male connector. Active differential. In AUX mode, this output is an isolated second output. In MIX mode, this is a combined send and caller output. Input to Mix output: Unity gain. <0.04 % THD; +12dBm clip point.
Phone System Section
  • Processor 80188 processor running software written in the "C" language.
  • Music On Hold Input
    • XLR female connector.
    • Active balanced.
    • 10kΩ input impedance.
    • -20 to +4dBu level. An AGC circuit maintains consistent levels to held callers for any input level within this range.
  • Switch Console and Rack Mount Unit Communication 9600 Baud RS-232 using six-conductor modular cable.
  • Switch Console can be located up to 100' from the rack mount unit; 250' with the Local Power Supply installed.
  • RS-232 Port 1200 Baud using "AT" style DB-9 connector. Simple ASCII commands are used for communication in both directions.
  • Frequency Response (caller to output) 200 - 3400Hz, ±1dB.
  • Noise and Distortion (caller to output)
    • Distortion: Typical 0.4% THD+N, measured @ 1kHz at any level from -48dBm to -8dBm.
    • Signal-to-Noise: >72dB referenced to 0dBm phone level.
  • Included Accessories
    • Manual with pull-out user instructions.
    • 25' six-conductor modular cable for connection of Switch Console.
    • Power Cord.
  • Rack Mount Unit Power Supply
    • Universal, input switching operable from 85VAC to 250VAC, 50Hz or 60Hz.
    • Power consumption 30 watts.
    • Incorporates surge suppression and line voltage "dip" protection.
  • Rack Mount Unit Physical Dimensions
    • Standard rack mount, one rack unit high.
    • 9 3⁄8" deep (23.8cm)
  • Weight
    • 6 pounds (15 pounds shipping weight)
    • 2.7 kilograms (6.8 kilograms shipping weight)


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