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Zoom F6 Multitrack Field Recorder

  • SKU:  F6 ZOOM
  • $649.99
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The Zoom F6 is the first professional field recorder to feature both 32-bit float recording and dual AD converters, providing an unprecedented amount of dynamic range. With 6 inputs, Zoom’s solid time code, multiple power options and wireless control, the F6 is poised to be a filmmaker's new secret weapon.

32-Bit Float Recording

In the field, fluctuating dynamics can prove challenging. Loud sounds can cause clipping and quiet sounds can get lost in the noise. The F6 uses 32-bit float recording with dual A/D converters to capture both explosive and subtle sounds at full audio quality – without ever adjusting gain!

For Those Hard to Reach Places

Rugged enough to withstand the most demanding scenarios and small enough to fit into the tightest spaces, the F6 will become your go-to recorder. 

Checks All the Boxes

Mic Preamps

The F6 is equipped with six high-quality preamps. Featuring a super-low noise floor
(-127 dBu EIN), high gain (up to 75 dB), and selectable mic/line levels for each input, the F6 is built for professional sound.

Precision Time Code
Keep your tracks perfectly synced even when you power down for lunch. On or off, the F6’s Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) generates time code at 0.2 ppm accuracy.

Advanced Look-Ahead Hybrid Limiters
When recording in 24-bit, the F6 uses advanced look-ahead hybrid limiters to provide overload protection. By adding a 1-millisecond delay, the limiters “look ahead” anticipating clipping before it’s recorded.

Zoom AutoMix™
Zoom AutoMix™ lets you keep your eyes on the action by automatically adjusting the levels of your mix to reduce ambient sound.

A Closer Look

A) Display
A 1.54" full-color backlit LCD with monochromatic mode gives you full visibility night and day.

B) Transport Controls

Record, Stop, Pause and Play are front and center for easy access in the field.

C) Level Controls
Each input has a dedicated level knob.

D) USB Port
The F6 features a USB-C connection allowing you to back up your files, live stream while recording and more. The USB port also doubles as a power port.

E) Line Out
The F6 is equipped with a 3.5mm stereo mini unbalanced line out jack for quickly connecting to external mixers, cameras, recording devices and more.

F) BTA-1 Adapter Slot

Sold separately, Zoom’s BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter provides wireless capability to this ultra-portable field recorder.

G) Inputs
The F6 features six discrete inputs with locking Neutrik XLR connectors.

H) Headphone Output
The F6 is equipped with a neutral-sounding 100 mW headphone amplifier with plenty of volume for noisy environments.

I) Time Code In/Out
A dedicated 3.5mm stereo mini jack offers flexible time code I/O for external audio or video devices.

J) SD Card Slot

Record up to 512 GB on an SD card while streaming or recording to your DAW.

K) L-Series Battery Connection

Count on the F6 through take after take when paired with a Sony L-Series battery.

Files and Formats

Recording Formats

The F6 can record in 32-bit float up to 96 kHz, 24-bit up to 192 kHz or both simultaneously in BWF-compatible WAV formats.


Cataloging files with the F6 is quick and easy. Enter track name, scene names, notes, and more in both BWF and iXML.


●      6-channel/14-track field audio recorder/mixer

●      6 discrete inputs with locking Neutrik XLR connectors

●      High quality mic preamps with up to 75 dB gain and less than -127 dBu EIN

●      Switchable +4dB inputs with mic/line options

●      Advanced Look-Ahead Hybrid Limiters

●      Zoom AutoMix™ software

●      Accurate Time Code (0.2 ppm when on and when powered off) I/O on 3.5mm stereo mini; dropframe/non-drop formats with Jam Sync

●      Three different power supply options: 4x AA batteries, Sony L-Series batteries, or Zoom AD-17 12V AC Adapter (L-Series batteries not included)

●      3.5mm stereo mini unbalanced output jack

●      Dedicated headphone output (100 mW) with volume control SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot, up to 512 GB 

●      Use as an 6-in/4-out USB audio interface (up to 96kHz)

●      Use as an audio interface and record to SD card simultaneously (up to 48kHz)

●      Free Zoom F Control App for iOS allows wireless remote control, file renaming, and metadata entry

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