Clear-Com CS-702 Encore 2-Channel Portable Headset/Main Station

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The CS-702 is a portable main station with a power supply, and a versatile intercom monitoring system. It supports two channels of intercom with up to 30 headset stations or 10 speaker stations, and features Clear-Com’s excellent speech intelligibility in both high and low noise environments. CS-702 accepts mic or line-level audio program input, assignable to either or both channels, with interrupt switch to override program. Linking switch provides one-channel operation for rehearsals. Failsafe power supply provides short-circuit protection and automatic reset to restore system power.

Monitoring System

The station can monitor intercom activity on one or both channels with individual Listen Level controls. Monitoring intercom activity is possible through a headset, or external earphone or speaker.

Talk Selection

The station contains a mic preamp with limiter and proprietary speech-shaping circuits for enhanced intelligibility. An individual electronic momentary/latching talk button is provided for each channel. These buttons light dimly when latched.


The station provides individual Call buttons for each channel to signal all stations on the channel(s). When a remote station operator sends a Call signal, the CS-702’s associated Talk button lights brightly, attracting the attention of an operator who have removed their headsets or turned off their speakers.

Remote Mic Kill (RMK)

Pressing the RMK button will turn off the microphone talk circuits of all Clear-Com beltpacks eliminating annoying noise from the open headset microphones.


Sidetone control allows the operator to vary the level of his or her own voice as heard in the headset. The CS-702 provides individual sidetone adjustment for each channel.

Program Input

The station accepts a balanced, mic- or line-level program signal for monitoring in the headset and/or mixing the intercom audio on either or both channels. The front panel provides a local Program Monitor volume control and individual Program Send level controls. It also provides a Program Send on/off/interrupt switch for each channel. When interrupt is selected, program is interrupted when the Talk button is pressed.

Power Supply and Supply System Protection

The CS-702 provides visual indication of power supply conditions. In the event of a DC short circuit or current overload, the station’s electronic overload protection circuit will shut down the DC output to avoid damage. As soon as the fault condition is removed, the auto-reset circuitry will automatically restore system power – even under full load conditions. There is no need to disconnect stations to allow the power supply to reset.