Coles 4038 High-Fidelity Studio Ribbon Microphone

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The 4038 Studio Ribbon Microphone is of British Broadcasting design (BBC) and used for broadcasting and recording such sounds where a clear smooth wide range frequency response, absent of transient distortion and relatively high sensitivity is essential.

The 4038 has a proven reliable performance capability, being since its introduction, used by broadcasting networks throughout the world such as the BBC.

The frequency response of the 4038 is exceptionally flat from 30 to 15,000 c/s and throughout this range the shape of the bi-directional (figure of eight) polar response is maintained substantially constant both in the horizontal and vertical planes, giving a natural smooth sonic quality textured response to sound signal being picked up.

Studio microphones have now achieved a remarkable fidelity of reproduction. If the microphone is not close to perfection, there is no point in having expensive systems to take the sound the rest of the way to the audience's ears.

In the world of sound, the BBC has always been the leader, and is still regarded as the 'setter of standards'.

  • Substantially flat frequency response from 30 to 15,000 c/s
  • Extremely low (non-linear) distortion
  • Exceptionally low hum pick-up
  • Bi-directional (figure of eight) polar curve shape accurately
  • maintained in both horizontal and vertical planes
  • Excellent transient response
  • Natural clear balanced response to sound signal
  • Body shape to enhance acoustic performance
  • Clear natural high fidelity sound reproduction
  • Smooth sonic textured response
  • 4038 High Fidelity Ribbon
    • Pressure gradient transducer ribbon microphone
    • Low mass damped ribbon to control transient response
  • Polar Response Magnetic Fields
    • Bi-directional
    • By use of hum neutralising wiring and magnetic shielding of the toroidal ribbon to line transformer 30 to 40 dB reduction is achieved in response to stray disturbing magnetic fields
  • Frequency Response
    • 30 Hz to 15,000 Hz
    • All microphones factory tested in free field conditions
  • Impedance 300 ohm
  • Sensitivity -65 dB W.R.T. IV/Pa
  • Distortion Less than 1% at 125 dB SPL
  • Connection By means of 4069 3 pin jack plug. Pin 1 positive - Pin 2 negative - Pin 3 screen
  • Body Housing Made of heavy gauge perforated brass backed by finely woven monel mesh. Rotating hinge connection allows microphone to tilt through 90° and turned in any direction when either suspended or free standing
  • Dimensions 71/4" (197 mm) x 31/4" (83 mm) x (61 mm).
  • Weight 2 lb. 6 oz. (1.08 Kg).
  • Finish Black stove enamel textured paint
  • Packaging Each microphone comes in a foam lined rigid plastic carrying case with 4069 jack plug, and soft cloth protective bag, for safe keeping.
  • Accessories
    • 4071B Mic to stand adaptor with XLR
    • 4069 to XLR
    • 4072 Antivibration mic to stand adaptor
    • Soft cloth protective bag
    • Foam lined rigid plastic carrying case