Countryman PPS Phantom Power Module, Low Profile

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The Phantom Power Supply provides ultra-low noise, perfectly balanced phantom power to your microphones anywhere, anytime. Flexible power options – 9V batteries or DC power supply – and three switchable voltage levels are packaged in a low-profile, durable housing, making it an invaluable tool in any audio kit.

Rugged and Road-Ready

Run over it with a truck. Drop it off a building. It will still power your microphone. The die-cast aluminum enclosure protects internal components. Low-profile switches reduce risk of accidental toggling or damage.

Switchable Voltage Levels

Provides P48 standard phantom power for condenser microphones and phantom-powered equipment. Increase battery life for devices that do not need 48V by switching to 24V or 12V.

Low Battery Indicator

LED indicator blinks when 9V battery is running low.

Flexible Power Options

Power your microphones with one or two 9V batteries, or plug into a 2.5mm 9V power supply for continuous operation.