DPA 4560-OC-B-B00 CORE 4560 Binaural Headset, Normal SPL, Black

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The 4560 CORE Binaural Headset Microphone is, in its essence, a pair of 4060 CORE Miniature Omnidirectional Microphones that are mounted on two earhooks (as known from the 4266 Flex type of headset). The microphones are a stereo pair; two handpicked 4060s, selected on sensitivity within ±1.5 dB. The actual headset is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably and easily. It adjusts to fit any ear size and head shape while at the same time it mounts securely and is hardly visible. Foam windscreens are supplied with the microphones to secure the position in the ear and to offer some damping of wind noise.

The two 4060 Omnidirectional Minature Mics are mounted on a flexible headset, which is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably. The headset adjusts easily to fit any ear size as well as head shape.

Adjusting Frame Size

Before adjusting the frame size, you need to loosen the braided sleeving covering the cable. Remove the clothing clip, grab the bottom of the sleeving and pull it gently upwards, smoothing it up the entire length of the cable to make it loose at the top. To increase the frame size, hold the cable and frame behind the earhooks and slowly pull the earhooks away from each other to the desired size. To decrease the frame size, hold the coils on the headset frame and slowly pull the coils away from each other to the desired size. After making the frame adjustments, starting from the top, smooth the entire sleeving back down the cable. Replace the clothing clip.

Mounting on the Head

Place the microphones gently in your ear canals. They should not be pressed tightly into the ears because this might affect the sound. Make sure the earhooks sit comfortably and securely around the ears.

Adjusting the cable

To make sure the microphones stay in place, use the clothing clip. This relieves the weight of the cable on the headset. Make a little loop with the cable so there is enough slack to turn your head from side to side.