Draper 116301 Targa Motorized Projection Screen, 106" Diagonal, HDTV Format

MSRP: $1,220.00
(You save $244.00 )

A contemporary motor-in-roller electric screen.


  • Ideal for auditoriums and lecture halls, hospitals, hotels, churches, boardrooms and conference rooms.
  • The motor is mounted inside the roller on special vibration insulators, so operating noise is dramatically reduced.
  • Has a trim balanced appearance.
  • Pentagonal steel case is scratch-resistant white polyester finish with matching endcaps.
  • Screen operates instantly at the touch of a button and stops automatically in the "up" and "down" positions.
  • Viewing surface can be lowered to any position at the touch of a switch
  • Image area framed with black on all four sides.


  • Size: 106"
  • Overall Size: 64" x 96"
  • Image Area: 52" x 92"
  • Case Length: 103"
  • Net Weight: 44 lbs.