Gorman-Redlich EAS1 DECODER ONLY EAS Decoder Only with 6 Audio Inputs

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  • 5 bi-directional RS232 inputs/outputs for computer, modem, remote sign board, character generator
  • 6 Audio inputs on standard models. All audio inputs and outputs are transformer isolated from encoder-decoder board.
  • Automatic interruption of stereo program lines when pre-selected header code is received for insertion of alert message on transmitter. No external relay panel is required.
  • 2 minutes of digital audio storage (5 kHz)
  • 5 programmable relays to supply contact closures to handshake with automation equipment or signal other equipment.
  • 25 pin parallel printer port for external printer to keep E.A.S. log.
  • Alert is displayed on a 4 line 40 character back lighted LCD display for rapid interpretation of alert message. Alert message can also be scrolled on a remote sign board, a computer screen or with a character generator on a video monitor.
  • 20 key keypad to set input level.
  • Can have password code that will be known only by those who will be adjusting the equipment.
  • Automatic reset of decoder after 2 minutes.
  • The stored audio message can be routed to the speaker for review so that the urgency of the message can be gauged
  • Will operate over audio input levels from 0.14 V to 2 V R.M.S.
  • Diagnostic information can be printed out on a printer if unit is malfunctioning and can be faxed to us for analysis.
  • Quality 2 1/2 inch 8 ohm front panel QUAM speakers for clear audio.
  • Non-volatile memory and non-volatile voice storage.
  • 4 layer board with all signal traces on top and bottom and all IC's mounted in sockets for ease of repair.
  • Unit has a CMOS EPROM 32 PIN 1MB for future changes.
  • Units are programmed for your location at no charge.