Inovonics 261-00 All-Digital Stereo Utility Processor

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Inovonics’ DSP-based 261 affords the broadcaster a simple, economical and unobtrusive means of normalizing and controlling audio levels in an all-digital or mixed-signal plant.

Revision 2 firmware makes the 261 a comprehensive processing system. It combines gated, gainriding AGC, program dynamic range compression, final wideband peak limiting and an independent high-frequency ‘pre-emphasis-protection’ limiter.

Intuitive menu-driven setup configures the 261 to provide any basic processing function separately, or can combine all options to give total program audio control. The 261 is ideal for link and uplink protection, LPFM and similar applications.

  • An all-digital design using proven DSP technology with 32-bit architecture.
  • Fast menu-driven setup with an easy-to-read LCD display. A minimalist approach to user controls assures positive, repeatable presets.
  • Accepts both analog and digital program inputs and provides both analog and digital outputs simultaneously.
  • Look-ahead' final limiting eliminates the need for flat-topped clipping of program audio to define an absolute ceiling value.
  • Rear-panel tallies enable remote alarm indication.