Lake LM 26 Digital Audio Loudspeaker Processor

LM 26

The LM 26 is a full-featured, 2-in/6-out stand-alone Digital Audio Loudspeaker Processor. Based on the highly acclaimed Lake Processing technology, it provides seamless compatibility with Lab.gruppen's PLM™ Series Powered Loudspeaker Management™ systems as well as with all Dolby® Lake Processors and earlier versions of the technology, including Lake Mesa Quad EQ™ and Lake Contour Pro 26™. The LM 26's easily programmable EQ and delay capabilities allow quick reconfiguration for use as processor and line driver for self-powered loudspeaker applications as well as for systems using separate power amplifiers.

In step with the flexible Lake Processing technology implemented in the PLM Series, the LM 26 will accept audio signals as analog, AES3 digital, or via Audinate's advanced Dante digital audio network at 48 kHz and 96 kHz sampling rates. Automatic input priority switching may be enabled, and the unit can function as both an input matrix mixer and Dante break-in and break-out box.

Exclusive Lake Processing features incorporated in the LM 26 include Raised Cosine Equalization; linear phase and classic crossovers; and LimiterMax peak and RMS limiters. The Super Module capability allows flexible grouping of processor channels across separate hardware frames, including prior Lake products and PLM Series units. All functions are controlled via wired or wireless networking by the Windows®-based Lake Controller software application. A universal power supply with detachable locking mains cable allows worldwide use.

The LM 26 can be controlled or monitored via a 9-pin General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) connection. External devices such as alarm systems can trigger mute, power control or preset recall functions; status and fault conditions can also be reported externally. GPIO configuration is available via the front panel or Lake Controller.

Display Meter View

The default view of the daylight readable display provides Module I/O gain and limiter gain reduction meters along with associated frame, module and channel labels; an alternate I/O Status View provides a summary of input configuration, digital clock status and input level metering. A dedicated LED indicates various faults or warnings.

Powerful Matrix Router

The LM 26 provides a powerful output routing matrix via the front panel interface. Similar to the parallel functionality in Lake Controller, this matrix allows any input or module output to be routed to the analog or digital outputs. The LM 26 is the first Lake device to allow I/O configuration and routing without the need for a computer.

Module I/O Levels and Dedicated Mute Buttons

This section is dedicated to the Module input and output signals, with input and output LED meter displays separated by a white marker. The meter segments for each channel indicate clipping (red); -2 dB (yellow); and -6, -12, -60 dB (green). The dedicated MUTE button illuminates RED when muted and WHITE when unmuted; it is unlit when the channel is inactive.(unmuted) or UNLIT (unused).

Intuitive Parameter Adjustment

Parameters are adjustable using six dynamic function buttons and a rotary encoder. A user editable parameter is identified with an illuminated button or encoder, providing intuitive navigation and control. Parameters can be adjusted in small increments and simultaneous multiple-parameter adjustment is also available.

Lake Controller Software Suite

The Lake Controller and associated applications, including Firmware Update and Preset Manger Utilities, form a powerful suite of software enabling detailed control and management of Lake Processor networks. The Lake Controller enables Windows PC-based adjustment of all LM 26 parameters, including gain, delay, limiters, EQ, crossovers and all I/O configuration and routing.

Using a wireless touch-screen Tablet PC, the Lake Controller can be used to group Processors together for simultaneous control from any location in the venue. The included Lake Analyzer Bridge provides a real-time interface with Smaart Live 5.4 and Live Capture Light/Pro, providing direct audio analysis and measurement feedback within the Lake Controller.

One Lake Controller for all Lake Products

The LM 26 integrates seamlessly into the Lake Controller software environment alongside PLM Series products, Dolby® Lake Processors, and other legacy Lake Processing devices. The latest version of Lake Controller provides LM 26-specific routing features, GPIO configuration, and combined global power control and event logging for both the LM 26 and PLM Series products.

Dante & AES3 Friendly

The LM 26 provides the ultimate combination of input/output signal flexibility and fail-safe operation. Audio inputs are accepted via the Dante network as well as on connectors for AES3 digital and analog. Simple programming in Lake Controller allows multiple, user-configured automatic switching scenarios. For example, signals may be distributed over the Dante network, with an AES3 input source failing over to analog - and with the result automatically cascading to all Dante receivers. In addition, the LM 26's dual-redundant network topology enables seamless switching in case of a problem on one Ethernet link.

In all situations, the LM 26 constantly monitors both the network and all active inputs to detect active audio signals, valid digital clocks, and valid network integrity. If problems are detected, automatic input priority switching ensures that the show will go on.

A total of six input routers can be independently configured with up to four input fail-over priority settings. And, for the first time on any Lake Processor, the output of any of these six input routers can be patched directly to any analog, AES3 or Dante output - without using any of the valuable Module processing channels.

  • 2-in/6-out Lake® Processor
    • Raised Cosine Equalization™
    • Linear phase and classic crossovers
    • LimiterMax™ peak and RMS limiters
    • Maximum available delay of 2 seconds
  • Audio Inputs and Outputs
    • Analog with Iso-Float™ ground isolation
    • Digital AES3 4-in/8-out
    • Gigabit Dual Redundant Dante™ by Audinate® audio networking
  • Front Panel
    • Daylight-readable display
    • Dedicated Module Input and Output LED Metering
    • Dedicated Module Input and Output mute buttons with LED
    • Dynamic buttons and rotary encoder for parameter adjustment
  • Performance
    • High quality A/D and D/A 24-bit conversion
    • 96 kHz internal sampling frequency
    • 32-bit floating point internal data path
  • Control
    • Full control via Lake Controller software application
    • Software configurable GPIO