Midas PRO X UPGRADE KIT Digital Console Control Surface Upgrade Kit

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The Midas Pro X Digital Console Upgrade Kit upgrades the Pro 3, Pro6, Pro9 surface and adds the Neutron Mix engine

The MIDAS PRO Series family moves up a gear with the PRO X control centre and the industry-changing NEUTRON Audio System Engine. Featuring 168 simultaneous input channels and 99 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses, the PRO X sets a new performance benchmark in high-profile live sound applications and is a truly impressive digital control surface for the engineer whose very livelihood depends on both unparalleled functionality and reliability. Like all PRO Series consoles, the PRO X features managed latency and 40 bit floating point processing precision.
The MIDAS PRO X UPGRADE KIT uniquely allows owners of PRO3, PRO6 and PRO9 digital console systems to fully upgrade to a MIDAS PRO X system and includes the NEUTRON high performance audio system engine. This upgrade path allows owners to protect the value of their investment in MIDAS PRO Series and bring their existing consoles up to the state-of-the-art in digital mixing console technology.
PRO X upgrades are only performed by authorised MIDAS service centres, please contact your local MIDAS distributor for more information.

  • MIDAS PRO X digital console Control Surface upgrade kit
  • Upgrades PRO3, PRO6 and PRO9 Control Surfaces to PRO X
  • Includes NEUTRON High Performance Audio System Engine
  • 1 DL511 Centre Section PCB Assembly
  • 1 DL5101 Scan Processor PCB Assembly
  • 2 DL5104 Advantech* motherboards
  • Complete set of fascia panels
  • Illuminated PRO X logo
  • Internal cables
  • Switch caps
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in England

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