OAP NF-241HP2 Stair Riser Loudspeaker System

MSRP: $600.00
(You save $199.05 )

OAP's NF-241HP2 is a proven audio solution being utilized in many Architects, Audio Consultants and Systems Integrators sound systems' solutions. The NF-241HP2 is designed to mount into stair risers and/or stage fronts in houses of worship; auditoriums; classrooms; hotel lobby's; or venues where "hideable" near field coverage is required and a small efficient full range loudspeaker is needed. The NF-241HP2 utilizies "FRINGE FIELD MAXIMIZATION" in the Dual LF-Drivers. The enhanced Dual LF-Drivers have been optimized by incorporating a powerful 20-oz. Ferrite magnet together with a high energy Neodymium disc that redirects and focuses unproductive fringe magnetic fields back into the magnetic gap producing maximum flux density. The NF-241HP2 dimensions are 14" W x 8.75" D x 5.25" H, and has been specifically designed to fit between 16" OC studs. The enclosure has a power handling rating of 150 watts peak program power; 96 db sensitivity measured at a 1 watt @ 1 meter; and a frequency response of 128Hz to 15Khz. This industry first solution comes complete with a decorative epoxy coated black (with white option) 16 gauge steel grill (the grill can also be site paintable to match the venue's decorative requirements), and steel mounting brackets. Optionally available is a steel back-box housing (NF-241 BB speaker receptacle box) for pre-building construction speaker placement requirements (i.e. building code or concrete installations); and a 30 watt (multi tap) transformer.

The NF-241HP2 "full range" loudspeaker system incorporates Dual 4 ¼" low frequency rubber surround cone speakers; and a 90° x 90° horn coupled to a 1" voice coil high frequency compression driver. A unique NF-241HP2 passive crossover is incorporated into the painted ¾" void-free "all wood" enclosure.