OAP UBF-822 Compact Loudspeaker System

MSRP: $900.00
(You save $299.05 )

The UBF-822 is a compact full range speaker system designed for applications where a high quality fill speaker is needed for sound reinforcement and music playback. The low frequencies are reproduced by dual 8” transducers. The 8.0” woofers have large 25 oz. magnets and 1.5” voice coils for high efficiency. The pole piece is vented for cooling to give the UBF-822 power handling capability of 325 watts, The high frequencies are handled by our proven CD-1002 compression driver. The CD-1002 is a 1” throat compression driver with a 2” voice coil and 1.75” mylar diaphragm. The CD-1002 compression driver is coupled to a 110° conical horn for wide coverage in short-throw fill applications. The UBF-822 comes standard with full L/C type passive network. To insure enclosure stability, 3/4” void-free maple plywood is used with all interconnecting surfaces extensively braced and glued.

To protect the transducers, a two-stage grill system is used. The outer grill is a 16-gauge perforated, epoxy coated carbon steel for protection against rough usage. The inner grill is reticulated foam. This grill material protects the transducers from dust, moisture, and ultraviolet damage over an extended period of time. Adding to the flexibility of the UBF-822 is the optional MB-822 mounting bracket. This versatile formed steel piece allows the UBF-822 to be mounted horizontally or vertically to a flat surface such as a ceiling or wall. For portable use the MB-822 also allows the UBF-822 to be mounted to a speaker stand using standard “T” adapters available from most stand manufacturers.

The Standard finish of the UBF-822 is black textured paint with grey, white and unfinished also available. Like all OAP Audio loudspeaker systems, the UBF-822 comes with a five year warranty.