Orban 9400 Optimod-AM Digital On-Air Audio Processor for AM

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Orban’s Optimod-AM 9400 offers two independently adjustable processing chains: one for the analog channel and one for the digital channel. The only processing common to the two channels is the AGC and stereo enhancer. Beyond this front-end processing, you get two of everything: equalizer, five-band compressor/limiter, and peak limiter, each optimized for its intended transmission channel. For example, the analog-chain peak limiter uses Orban’s exclusive multiband distortion-canceled clipper and overshoot compensator, while the digital chain uses an advanced, low-IM look-ahead limiter to make the most of low bitrate codecs. Both processing chains are stereo.

Thanks to its unified design, the 9400 costs substantially less than a two-box configuration. It is also easier to control—you only have to program the time-of-day automation once and you only need one set of remote control connections. The 9400 has everything necessary to provide optimum processing for both channels.