Perdue Acoustics DELUXE DRUM BOOTH Deluxe Isolating Drum Booth, 8' x 8' x 6'

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The Isolating Drum Booth, created using Perdue's patented panel construction, not only encloses the sound but also absorbs it. The panels fit tightly together and are grooved so the acrylic glass is embedded in the lower panels and the lid, preventing sound transmission and making the booth extremely sturdy. The rear panels are secured to the acrylic glass with fasteners for added durability. The Isolating Drum Booth also has a fully functioning sliding back door that opens wide enough for large equipment to move through with ease. The Deluxe Drum Booth measures 8' wide x 8' deep x 6' tall.

Perdue Acoustics' fully isolating Drum Booth was recently featured on tour with the Technologies for Worship Magazine "Quiet Stage," a unique listening experience demonstrating a range of products to reduce stage volume. Through stage tests the sound reduction has been determined to be at least 35 decibels(dB).

Perdue Drum Booth

  • Isolates Drums
  • Reduces Stage Volume
  • Sound Absorbing Rockwool Core Panels
  • Unique Sliding Back Door Design