Powersoft M50Q Touring/Installation Power Amplifier, 1,250 Watts x 4 at 4 Ohms

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With 5,000 W across four channels in a single rack space at a mere 7.4kg/16.3lbs weight, the M50Q is equally versatile in touring and permanently installed racks. Legendary sound quality derivig from Powersoft?s patented technologies, and outstandingly high efficiency are making the M50Q the leader in its class. Optimized for mid-sized sound systems and 4? loads, it is a fantastic value, practically as well as commercially.

In use worldwide y leading touring and event sound companies, Powersoft amplifiers are preferred among the top ranking system designers, sound engineers, and contractors for providing reliable premier-grade power and headroom in the smallest possible package size. Maximumefficiency warrants minimum current draw, heat dissipation and power consumption, resulting in ?green? products, saving the user a substantial amount of money over time.

The M50Q is also available with on-board DSP and Ethernet interface. While the hig-performance DSP with FIR/IIR filters is hidden inside and safe against accidental or intentional tampering, monitoring of vital system and amplifier data can be done via Armonía Pro Audio Suite™ software, the same user interface on the same network as fo all Powersoft amplifiers. Locally, the M50Q HDSP+ETH lets the user access up to four presets per pushbutton on the rear panel.
Interface available for MediaMatrix, Crestron and AMX control and monitoring systems.

  • Wight and space saving: highly efficient switch mode PSU and Class D design in only one rack space (1U) and appr. 7kg/15lbs
  • Maximum flexibility: 2- and 4-channel models, all channel pairs bridgeable
  • Outstanding sonic quality per design, includingpatented output filters
  • Power saving: reduced current draw resulting in lower power consumption and cost - Green Audio Power™!
  • Highly integrated and communicative: internal state-of-the-art DSP and Ethernet interface*
  • Cmpact size and light weight - all models only 1 RU and 12 kg (26 pounds) for easier racking and shipping
  • Powersoft legendary universal switch mode power supply up to 290V tolerant, compact, high performance
  • AC mains voltage switchable 115V/230V
  • Detachable AC mains cord
  • Low Inrush Limiting reduces AC inrush current, removing the need for expensive power sequencers
  • Fixed frequency switch mode output stage for highest grade audio accuracy
  • Patented output filter with ripple cancelation network
  • Recessed front panel level controls and LED indicators
  • Temperature controlled continuous variable speed fan, front to rear airflow
  • Neutrik® XLR balanced input and Speakon® output connectors
  • Fully protected circuitry desin including DC, infrasonic, high frequency, thermal overload and short circuit
  • Clip and RMS limiters to protect loudspeakers from damage from clipped wave forms and steady non-audio signals
  • Control and monitoring* via Armonía Pro Audio Suite™
  • Interface available* for MediaMatrix, Crestron and AMX control and monitoring systems
  • Full four years warranty

Small to Mdium Scale Portable and Installed Systems
Stage Monitoring
Fullrange Loudspeakers
Large/High Power 70/100V Systems

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