Pro Intercom BP-2 2-Circuit Intercom Beltpack

MSRP: $365.00
(You save $15.00 )

The BP-2 portable headset station may be worn on the belt or hung on the wall by its sturdy belt-clip. Soft plastic strips on the underside help hold it in place when set on top of a console. The matte black finish minimizes visibility. It is a true 2-circuit unit, permitting the user to talk and/or listen to either or both circuits simultaneously.

The BP-2 mixes the incoming audio from both circuits to one earspeader of a single-muff headset or both earspeakers of a dual-muff headset (4-pin headset connector).

The top (or front) panel contains controls for switching each microphone circuit on and off, for controlling each listening level, and for signaling on each circuit. They are easily identifiable by touch. A recessed, screwdriver-adjust control is provided for varying the level of the user's voice to be heard in his own earphone (Sidetone). The bottom (or back) panel provides two

3-pin female XLR's for connection to two circuits. "Y" cables are necessary for loop-throughs. A male XLR is provided for connection of any standard communications headset with a dynamic microphone. The BP-2 has a 4-pin headset connector.

  • Power requirement: 24 ~ 30 VDC, 10mA quiescent. 30mA max (with signal lamp lit).
  • Headphone output: 8 ~ 4k ohms acceptable, 200 ohms ideal
  • Microphone input: 200 ~ 600 ohms, Dynamic
  • Sidetone rejection: 50dB
  • Audio bridging impedance: 200 ohms, unbalanced
  • Size: 3.70 x 4.30 x 2.50 in.
  • Weight: 13.5oz.(0.383kg.)