Pro Intercom DMH220 Super-Rugged Double-Ear Intercom Headset



Exceptionally high quality transducers provide wide smooth frequency response, reducing the onset of ‘ear fatigue' for those who must spend many hours wearing headsets. Deep, comfortable ear cushions have excellent external noise exclusion characteristics, and are washable with ordinary dish washing detergent. At 8.75 oz. this headset is much lighter than its appearances suggest. The noise-canceling microphone is mounted on a flexible, steel reinforced boom which can be easily twisted into a comfortable position. The flexible headband is adjustable. The normal transducer configuration for use with Production Intercom and compatible headset intercom systems are 400ohm earspeakers and a 200ohm dynamic microphone. For use with Production Intercom and most headset communications systems the DMH220 is fitted with a 4-pin female XLR-type plug.


Because this headset has only one moving part, and the microphone boom is flexible rather than hinged, a remarkable degree of durability is achieved. The light-weight cable consists of a copper shield around steel reinforced conductors, and is virtually unbreakable under normal circumstances. The assembly screws are hidden to prevent tampering. This headset is easily field repairable. Production Intercom maintains a full inventory of replacement parts at reasonable prices and provides fast turnaround on repairs.


Low initial cost (compared to other professional communications headsets of equivalent quality), combines with long working life and low cost of repairs to offer outstanding value.


200 series headsets are compatible with Clear-Com® and all other popular headset intercom systems, as well as drive-thru restaurant systems, disk jockey systems and other applications.

  • Dynamic Microphone: Uni-Directional 200ohm @1kHz / Freq. response: 40~15kHz
  • Earspeakers: 400ohm @ 1kHz / Freq. response: 40~14.4kHz
  • Sensitivity: 94dB Spl @ 1mW
  • Distortion: Less than 0.5%
  • Cable length: 59 in. (1.5 m.) Steel reinforced
  • Approx. weight: 8.75 oz.