Pro Intercom EC3 3-Person Portable Wired Intercom System

MSRP: $960.00
(You save $45.71 )

The Pro Intercom EC3 econoCom package consists of 3 BP1 beltpacks, with full signaling capability and a unique power supply. The EC3 consists of a desk-top rather than wall plug-in AC to DC adapter (ECADAPTER) and the PS4 System Interface.

The PS4 regulates, limits and conditions the 24VDC required by the system and provides the essential 200 W termination point. The PS4 is housed in the same rugged aluminum cabinet as the BP1 beltpacks. The PS4 and ECADAPTER can supply up to 10 beltpacks and, with fewer beltpacks, a loudspeaker station. The PS4 has 3 XLR outputs, in parallel, which provide three starting points for the single common circuit.