Pro Intercom PS300 3-Circuit Power Supply

MSRP: $725.00
(You save $36.25 )
Support Documentation:

The PS300 is a 3-circuit Power Supply with a unique hybrid configuration. Microprocessors operate all the switching, routing, and supervision functions, while the audio paths and the core power supply remain analog. The result is a station with unrivaled flexibility, muscular reliability, and clean, smooth audio.

The PS300, as in all the 300 series master stations and power supplies, has a large toroidal transformer which gives off virtually no stray-field radiation to interfere with the other devices with which it shares rack space.

Those power supply components which create heat are mounted on a massive heat sink, and, when neces- sary (rarely) get extra cooling from a thermally regulated cooling fan.

Each of the 3 PS300 circuits is independent of the others, except for sharing the toroidal transformer and its peripherals. Therefore, a problem on one circuit does not affect the others. When a circuit problem occurs, and is eliminated, the PS300 resumes normal operation without re-booting.

  • Current draw (at 120VAC):
    • 0.14A (no load), 1.05A @ 2.4A DC out
  • Power output:
    • 24 volts DC regulated @ 2.4A continuous
  • Line termination:
    • DC: 5KW; 50Hz-20KHz: 200W
  • Size (excluding ears):
    • 17" width x 9.5" depth x 1.75" height (432 x 241 x 44.5 mm)
  • Weight:
    • 9.8lbs. 4.5Kg