RDL ST-MX2 STICK-ON 2-Channel Mic/Line Mixer

MSRP: $201.76
(You save $20.16 )

Mix audio sources easily with the ST-MX2 RDL Line Mixer.

The ST-MX2 RDL Line Mixer is used in any application requiring mixing of two audio sources. A mic may be mixed with a line level music source. Two mics may be mixed to feed the mic or line level input of a power amplifier. A mic or professional +4 dBu line level mono sum is possible. It may be used to convert mono line level signals from consumer to professional, or from professional to consumer format. It may also be used as a microphone preamplifier, or conversely to adapt unbalanced or balanced line level signals into the microphone input of other equipment.

NOTE: PS-24A power supply is required.