RF Venue EXPLORER RACKPRO Spectrum Analyzer Plus Coordination Software

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Visualize and control wireless mics and IEMs.

The RF Explorer® RackPRO™ is a unique hardware/software spectrum analysis platform designed to ride along with your wireless rack and help you manage and monitor any brand wireless audio system from a USB-connected PC or Mac. Powerful frequency coordination and interference monitoring is now easy and within budget for venues large and small, live and installed. The RackPRO is designed with essential features and operates in the range required for your wireless mics and IEMs to provide best in class performance at an affordable price. 

Professional Hardware

The RackPRO is the first affordable RF management tool that delivers everything audio professionals need in an industry standard 1 RU housing. The RackPRO includes an internal power supply (no wallwart) and high quality hardware controls. The front panel LCD and rotary marker allow impromptu views of the RF environment to identify third party RF sources that can can wreak havoc on your event.

For rental and live applications, the rackmounted hardware allows the RackPRO to go anywhere wireless racks go, without the concern for loss or theft that comes with owning a handheld spectrum analyzer. For installed sound, the RackPRO integrates with existing A/V equipment in closets and sound booths and provides an on-location troubleshooting and monitoring system for future service calls or support. Easily remote the RackPRO's removable antenna to an adjoining room or other location via the front panel BNC input connection.

Real time, continuous scanning.

Never fly blind again. Real time, scalable visualizations illuminate local spectrum at the click of a mouse or push of a button. Unlike RF scanners, there is no long waiting time for scans to complete. Combined with Clear Waves software, the RackPRO continously delivers multiple scans at once for the highest resolution accuracy at a fraction of the cost of broadcast RF analysis equipment.

Calculate intermodulation.

Instantly calculate sets of intermod free frequencies molded to the spectrum inside your facility. Either let Clear Waves do all the work, or fine tune whitespace thresholds, step size, and harmonic parameters to your needs. Edit and export sets as PDF, CSV, or Shure Wireless Workbench® and Professional Wireless® IAS compatible files.

Monitor frequencies.

Observe active frequencies and be visually alerted when competing signals breach a threshold during your live event. Labels ensure you always know which frequency belongs to which transmitter. RackPRO lets you stay ahead of dropouts and interference before they put your production at risk.