RF Venue WaveTower Remote RF Spectrum Monitoring and Management System

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DISCLAIMER: This is for the Tower Sensor product. No software license. Software and support is dependent on RF Venue. For more information: RF Venue WaveTower.

WaveTower is a patented platform from RF Venue that allows you to remotely monitor and manage RF spectrum activity over the web. Connect each Tower Sensor on your account to a LAN or cellular data connection and access near real-time and historical RF scan data in your web browser. Monitor and manage local RF conditions from across town or across the globe.

  • Reduce travel and costly labor time onsite
  • Coordinate remotely based on real operating conditions
  • Monitor peak traffic times and identify interference
  • Pull historical spectrum activity to spot problems reported from the field as they occurred
  • Spectrum data stays in your WaveTower account even after a Tower is taken offline
  • New Public setting allows for Tower access to be made public to anyone with a WaveTower login

Configure a Tower Sensor to a fixed wireless system or send ahead to a future event site.  Remotely monitor and manage conditions to pre-configure wireless systems before arrival, or do remote site surveys and collaborate with other users.

  • Near real-time scans and up to 2 months of saved data
  • Fine tune scan range, zoom to see frequencies of interest
  • 24 hour average and max hold to capture intermittent RF sources
  • Import wireless inventory and monitor signal levels

  • Invite other users, post messages, coordinate wireless projects online 

Notes for IT network integration:
Towers connect to LAN or cellular data modems over Port 80, the HTTP Port. 

No port forwarding is required in most configurations.

Connection to the WaveTower web application is on an outbound, passive-only secure protocol.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

Bandwidth requirements are a function of scan range but minimal, e.g. a 200 MHz span will typically consume 5 kb per minute on average.

  • 15-2700 MHz scan range
  • 25 KHz Resolution Bandwidth
  • RF Input: BNC-Female
  • GPS Input: SMA-Female
  • Sensitivity - 120 dBm
  • Max RF Input Power + 30 dBm
  • Dimensions: 136 L x 102 W x 54 H (mm)
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Power: Micro USB Port 5V
  • CSV Export data compatible with Shure® Wireless Workbench® or Professional Wireless Systems® IAS