Rockn Stompn RS-4 Power Sequencer / Conditioner for Musicians & Guitarists

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Power Management More power. Less risk.
The RS-4 power sequencer spreads the initial inrush current of your gear over four steps allowing you to power up more gear safely than ever before on a single 15 amp circuit. With eight outlets and a 15 foot long cord, you can use the RS-4 anywhere with all your gear such as guitar, bass, keyboards and P.A. systems.

  • Power Sequencing Stop that annoying "pop."
    • The ROCKN STOMPN's power sequencer gives you the ability to change the time delay sequence to suit your needs. There are now four ways to harness the power of the ROCKN STOMPN sequential power strip:
  • Four Modes of Operation
    • Start with Standard Mode were you can independently adjust on and off delay sequence from 1-15 seconds for potentially 45 seconds total delay. Or choose from one of the three new sequence modes of operation:

  • Instant On
    • When AC power is applied to the RS-4, the unit will immediately begin the On Delay Sequence. This is useful in a stage or studio environment where the RS-4 may not be the main power switch but you still want the instant on convenience of a conventional power strip but with the added advantages of the power sequencer.

  • Receptacle One Always On
    • In this mode, receptacle one will always be on while the On/Off Delay Sequence for the three remaining receptacles can be set from 1-15 seconds and engaged with the footswitch. This mode is useful to keep any piece of gear on continously, like a computer or a light.

  • Timer Mode
    • The unit will automatically shut off power sequentially after a designated number of hours, determined by the on and off delay setting. This mode works well anywhere on a gig, in the studio or retail store, to automatically power down gear at the end of the day.
  • Quick Start Up - Makes it easier.
    • No more bending over - turning on all your equipment has never been easier! Just tap your toe on the footswitch and you watch your gear come to life in the proper sequence everytime.
  • Surge Protector - Protects your gear.
    • Intertek Listed to UL Standard UL1449-3, the ROCKN STOMPN power strip protects your gear with 1935 joules of surge suppression.
  • Lifetime Warranty - TThe last power strip you'll ever need.
    • When you buy a ROCKN STOMPN power strip, you are buying the last power strip you'll ever need. Each and every ROCKN STOMPN power strip comes with a lifetime warranty!

  • Power Conditioner - Provides a cleaner sound.
    • The ROCKN STOMPN's U.S.A. manufactured EMI/RFI filtering components provides your valuable electronic equipment with clean, noise-free AC power to your gear, perfect for your studio or live performances.
  • Over Voltage Protection - Shields your equipment from energy spikes.
    • Automatic extreme over voltage protection with automatic resettable circuitry - ensuring your equipment will work better and longer.