Throne Room Pedals Push to Talk Box

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We've completely redesigned the Push To Talk Box from the ground up to be more reliable and road ready with even quieter switching!

The Push To Talk Box is a momentary XLR A/B splitter that allows for a vocal microphone to be used on a main channel and talk back channel. Its most common use is in a live or studio setting. A vocal mic is plugged into the input, and two separate outputs are sent to the FOH or monitor sound board. The default channel goes to the live mix just like using a microphone on its own. The secondary channel is activated while holding down the foot switch, allowing for different effects or to talk through a headset to your sound tech, or to your team through in ear monitors. When the secondary channel is active, the primary channel is completely muted with no bleed from the talk back channel.

Features quiet switching for both dynamic microphones AND +48V phantom powered condenser microphones!
We designed this from the ground up to be the sturdiest, highest quality momentary XLR switcher ever made!
The Push To Talk Box replaces its older counterpart, the Still Small Voice Box.

  • Quiet momentary XLR switching
  • Internal ground/lift switch that isolates Output B ground to eliminate possible ground loop hum
  • No digital circuitry - fully analog signal path with premium hi-fi audio components to preserve the clarity of any microphone
  • Silent click-less momentary switch
  • Red LED (activated when the switch is held down)
  • Includes anti-slip pad with adhesive
  • Perfect for the studio, touring bands, churches and houses of prayer!