Wheatstone Vorsis AirAura X3FM FM Digital Audio Processor

Support Documentation:
Technical Manual_Wheatstone_AIRAURA X3.pdf

Being loud just to be loud is easy. It’s been easy for years. Turning up the volume without causing listener fatigue – that’s the real challenge. NEW X3 technology inside our AirAura delivers that sought-after loudness without ever sounding harsh, clipped, distorted or overdone. It simply sounds.

The NEW AirAura X3 spectral audio processor for FM is equipped with processing technologies that simply didn’t exist until now, starting with a new final clipper that creates extremely competitive loudness while also minimizing listener fatigue. Another new technology unique to our NEW third-generation AirAura helps extend perceived stereo coverage, and yet another technology helps hide the annoying coding artifacts that might be present in a station’s stereo source material.real.

  • New final clipping technology - very clean and very loud - simultaneously
  • New Five-band AGC with Sweet Spot Technology tuning capabilities
  • New codec artifact reduction algorithm helps tame coded stereo source material
  • New 31-band limiter algorithms
  • New left/right analog output routing for FM and HD processing
  • New equalizer offers both parametric and Baxandall-style shelving EQ
  • New bass management system with enhanced tuning features
  • New high performance stereo generator with DSB and two SSB encoding methods
  • New Guru GUI tuning capabilities
  • New advanced analysis features for displaying internal and external signals
  • New comprehensive security features designed for mixed-use sites
  • New post-processed loudness analysis conforms to BS-1770-S standards
  • New preset storage for up to 160 processing presets
  • Analog, digital and WheatNet-IP audio I/O with automatic 'failback to primary'
  • Exclusive stereo multipath controller technology for enhanced stereo reception
  • WheatNet-IP compatible
  • Remote processor control via wired Ethernet or integrated Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Specialized audio analysis functions for input or processed audio include:
  • 1,024 point FFT
  • Oscilloscope
  • Energy versus Frequency
  • 3-D plot of spectral content vs. time
  • Spectral Dynamic Range (a Vorsis exclusive)
  • Display of AirAura's clipper distortion masking activity
  • Wheatstone® baseband192 built in for digital link to transmitter

Note: AIRAURA SOFTWARE UPDATE: Version 3.6.7 software is now available for download.