WindTech 5700 SERIES Medium Cylindrical Windscreen

MSRP: $8.99
(You save $2.24 )

Since 1976 WindTech has manufactured the highest quality American-made microphone windscreens on the market. Using a proprietary non-heat manufacturing process, the windscreens are constructed from a specially developed hypo-allergenic, open-cell acoustical foam called SonicFoam. The use of SonicFoam permits the free passage of sound energy without altering the microphone's frequency response. While remaining acoustically transparent, the windscreens are engineered to reduce wind velocity which eliminates wind noise, pop noises, and breath sounds.

  • Inside Diameter: 1.000" (25mm)
  • Inside Depth: 1.750" (44mm)
  • Overall Height: 2.625" (67mm)
  • Overall Diameter: 2.000" (51mm)

Follow this link to view the Microphone Model Cross Reference Chart.