YellowTec YT1000 VIP/Digital Voice Processor with Smart Card

Support Documentation:
Getting Started_Yellowtec_YT1000.pdf

Unique digital voice processor with personal SmartCard for customized sounds.

  • Two Mic inputs
    Their selection can beprogrammed via presets.
  • Studio Reference-Grade Mic PreAmp
    24-bit converter, 48V phantom power and up to 54 dB gain for dynamic microphones.
  • Low latency
    In digital broadcasting, low latency is an essential requirement for off-air monitoring. VIP/digital has a total maximum latency of less than 1.5 ms - among the best anywhere.
  • Compressor
    With a straightforward design for easy operation, it handles everything from a whisper to a scream.
  • Expander
    Adds natural sounding dynamics to your voice.
  • AGC
    Automatic Gain Control with sensible controls.
  • De-Esser
    State-of-the-art FFT analysis, combined with a new and unique algorithm, allows optimal operation independent of input level. The result? Removal of unwanted sibilance while preserving the upper frequency spectrum.
  • Parametric EQ

    Four individual, single band EQs offer selectable frequency, Q, and bell or shelving contours.

  • Built-in Phase Rotators
    Switch out phase rotation in your main processing for cleaner, clearer music, while adjusting phase rotation only on the talent line - just where it's needed.
  • VIPVerb®
    High quality reverb section with easy to set parameters adds the exact amount of ambience you desire.
  • Delay line
    Provides compensation for time delay in post production environments.
  • Subsonic Filter
    Eliminates low frequency 'garbage' that can degrade overall sonic performance if left unchecked.
  • Variable module order
    With the Sound Control Software, you simply drag and drop any of the above objects into the desired order for optimal processing of your signal - just like the dedicated, high power production tools you may be familiar with.
    A variety of I/O controls integrates your VIP/digital smoothly and intelligently into your studio workflow.
  • VIP/digital
  • VIP Software
  • SmartCard
  • Manual
  • PowerCord