360 Systems 700-139-0001 INSTANT REPLAY3 Audio Clip Player

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Instant Replay 3 is designed for creative people who need quick response, intuitive operation, and top-quality audio in a modern workflow. It’s a completely self-contained audio clip player in a box. And unlike PC’s, the Instant Replay 3 features physical buttons for immediate tactile feedback during audio clip playout.

Simplicity has been a strong point of the Instant Replay product for over 25 years and the latest iteration takes this ideal even further. Straightforward controls and the simplicity in setup and operation provide a complete standalone product. The Instant Replay does as its’ name suggests, records and plays audio in an instant. The greatly improved interface provides more operational information and ease of access to common functions. With no mechanical parts, operation is virtually silent making the Instant Replay ideal for in-studio use. Record and playout audio directly to and from the internal solid state memory. Make simple head/tail edits and quickly assign clips to any of the 50 hot-keys on any of the 50 banks. That’s up to 2500 audio cuts available for playout in an instant. Build individual playlists or use the Hot List feature to quickly build a stack list from the assigned Hot-Keys.

  • Larger buttons for easier visibility
  • RGB backlit keys allow quick identification or status of buttons
  • Playout of wav and mp3 files
  • Full color touchscreen provides real-time information
  • File management for clip organization
  • Backup and restore of system settings and / or system content
  • Play directly from externally attached USB drives ( or copy to the internal system)
  • Built in editor allows setting of head and tail points + fade-in / fade-out starting points
  • 50 GB of internal solid state memory
  • No mechanical infrastructure = completely silent operation

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