wants to be your go to source for professional audio equipment and much more. As you can read in our History section below, we were founded in 1971 as Crouse-Kimzey company to help provide solutions for AM/FM Broadcasters in our local DFW area. Many things have changed in the years since, but at our heart we strive to be an effective partner for providing solutions for this era of technology for customers all over the United States.


Today we sell to many types of customers including integrators, broadcasters, churches, schools, performance venues, individuals, and so many more. While this era of e-commerce is great and you can tell by our URL we have embraced it, we so much prefer having a direct relationship with our customers and have built our business around having a personal touch with all customers.

Our History:

We have an interesting and storied history in the RF Broadcast industry, dating far before the conception of this company.

Our Team:

Like any company, we are who we are because of our amazing team.

Our Brands:

As an equipment wholesaler, we would not get very far without amazing brands to work with.

Our company was created and shaped with customer relationships in mind, and we have never stopped. Our sales staff includes people with experience in touring, studio, church, installation, and commercial audio. On top of that, since we know we aren’t the end-all of audio knowledge, our close relationships with hundreds of manufacturers gives us access to an almost indefinite number of solutions.


If you have read this far, clearly you want to learn more about us. We would highly suggest you contacting us, however here is a little bit more about who we are.


Our History