Order & Shipping Info

ProAudio.com is an equipment wholesaler for many different brands of professional audio, video, lighting, and related products. While we stock some products in our DFW Texas warehouse, most products are shipped directly from our manufacturers or vendors. Since we do not stock the majority of what we sell, information on shipping, returns, and warranty varies heavily. However, we have some further information below, organized into a few distinct sections:





Product Info:

All products that are listed without condition description are brand new products. Any given product box may have been opened by us or others for inspection, which does not change its status as a new product. We may have some products that are listed in other condition such as B-Stock, C-Stock, Returned, or Demo. For more complete information about the status of a product, please contact us.

The nature of the products we sell is such that the vast majority are designed to be purchased and setup by knowledgeable professionals. We would encourage you to contact us and ask questions about the products prior to purchasing. While we aim to assist any time expectations are not met, we cannot be responsible for misinterpretation of products uses or setup.

Please keep in mind that our website is only a sampling of the most popular or applicable products sold by our manufacturers, for most brands we can sell all or most of their applicable line-up. If you believe a more applicable product exists, please feel free to contact us and we can quote you on the best product for your need.

Product Warranty:

ProAudio.com does not provide any warranty above or beyond the manufacturer's warranty. Due to the variety of products we carry, we cannot summarize warranty information here. We attempt to clarify the warranty information on our product listing pages, however the only sure way to know is to either contact us or the manufacturer to fully understand the terms and conditions of that products warranty.

Product Availability:

While we have put a lot of time and effort into helping to clarify the availability of products on our website, please know that a lot of variables some into play and the information on our website can be out of date or incomplete. Even for products we do have in stock, same day shipping is not guaranteed. For products that ship from a manufacturer or other vendor, same day shipping is highly unlikely. As with most information, contacting us is almost always going to provide the best and most clear status of a product or order.

Product Pricing:

Most professional products are governed by MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policies, which we attempt to adhere to wherever possible. In many cases we are very willing to work with you on pricing, but only have leeway to do that via direct communication, contact us for more details. We do encourage you to practice caution in purchasing items online that appear to violate MAP pricing. In some cases, purchasing from a non-dealer or a dealer in bad standing online can affect or eliminate the manufacturer’s warranty.

If you suspect we have an error in our pricing, we encourage you to contact us, we appreciate feedback and want to make sure we are adhering to MAP policies and not falsely leading anybody to purchase. We do reserve the right to cancel orders on products where pricing errors have occurred or to make the customer an offer that would be mutually beneficial.





Product Returns:

As a product wholesaler, we do not accept returns in the same way many online retailers do. If a product is purchased from our website, the user is accepting that they understand the functionality and usage of that product. Accordingly, we normally only accept returns to our inventory for products that we would choose to stock in new condition. All other returns are sent back to the manufacturer and are subject to their various return policies. Some manufacturers do not process returns for any reason other than defect. Restock fees are VERY likely for any return and can only be determined by contacting us.

Items that are unlikely to be able to be returned (or that will include significant restock) include: any items that pose a hygiene issue (headphone, earbuds, etc), items that are listed as special order or that are made to order, or items that are overly bulky or difficult to ship (such as most speakers).

Shipping charges for orders are almost never refunded (and the cost associated with items that ship for free is deducted from the amount of the return), and the customer is responsible for shipping charges associated with getting the product back to its final destination.

Returns must be initiated by contacting us, please be sure to have information about your order (ideally order numbers). All returns will require a RA/RMA number from us as well as relevant numbers from the manufacturers where applicable.





Ordering Information:

Customers may order either by contacting us during business hours and processing an order over the phone or email; or by purchasing online. Regardless of how the order is placed, we will do our best to process the order as quickly as possible, but every order is reviewed by multiple people (not just batched through an automated system). Accordingly, please be prepared for some reasonable processing time during our business hours (Monday through Friday, Central US time).

Order Payment and Fraud Protection:

Orders placed online will be given various options for payment at the time of checkout. Please know that we reserve the right to delay orders in order to run the order information through various fraud protection processes and/or to ensure we can fully process payment. You may be contacted via the information on the order (including via phone calls) by us or other 3rd parties. Orders placed via direct communication with an account manager may have more or different payment options than are available online. We reserve the right to cancel orders for any reason and will immediately cancel and/or refund the payment via the original processor (subject to that processors timeline and/or refund process).

Order Taxes or Other Costs:

Any order place online or via direct contact is subject to any local, state, or national taxes, fees, or other associated costs. We have systems in place that should apply costs at the time of purchase, but ultimately, we are going to properly report any purchases to the appropriate entities and the customer is responsible for any costs as legally set out, including paying the appropriate tax or fee after the sale if it is a tax or fee that is designed for the customer to pay.

In terms of US sales tax, we have physical presence in Texas as well as economic nexus in several other states. If your order does not have sales tax applied and you are taxable, it is likely that we do not have sales tax nexus in that state but will contact you in the event of an error with our system. Please keep in mind that in most states large purchases made from vendors that do not have nexus are supposed to be reported to the state to have use tax paid on them and we will be reporting sales as needed or requested by a state or local authority. In a rare occasion we may develop nexus or have a change in law that requires us to collect tax or evidence of use tax paid.

Customers who are exempt from tax or are resellers ideally will contact us prior to placing an order to get the proper paperwork on file and have tax removed prior to payment processing. We do require fully completed and in-date paperwork on file and often will check status with the appropriate entity prior to applying the exemption. In most cases we can adjust orders after the fact, but please be aware that by placing an order with tax applied you are agreeing to that order being taxable and removing the tax cannot be a condition of that order being processed (rather it is a ‘best effort’ on our part to work with you).

For more information on states we charge tax in and potential exemptions please see our Sales Tax and Exemptions page.

Order Processing Time:

Since all orders are processed by our employees (primarily located in our DFW USA office), orders do not process instantly. Please expect at least 2-3 business hours before orders are processed into and through our systems. If a product is in stock at our warehouse, we will endeavor to ship it (or make it available for pickup) as quickly as possible. If the product must ship from a manufacturer or vendor, we cannot control the additional processing time that may be added. We attempt to communicate likely processing times in the availability section of our product pages, but ultimately the processing time by our 3rd party vendors is outside of our control.





Shipping Information:

Online orders will be given various shipping options (including occasionally free shipping), and direct contact orders should have shipping information discussed. We do have various terms and conditions regarding shipping:

  • Shipping timelines do not normally include necessary processing time, please communicate any desired arrival times so we can accurately communicate if we can make that happen and if any changes to methods and costs are needed to ensure desired timeframes.
  • Shipping services are very similar to products where while we attempt to be knowledgeable and communicate well, we are dependent on 3rd party shipping providers and can only warranty as far as they warranty any timelines or other facets of their services.
  • Quoted shipping prices will be honored as much as possible, and changes will be discussed prior to shipment wherever possible, but we do reserve the right to communicate with our customers changes to shipping rates and discuss options that are fair to both parties where changes are needed.
  • Shipping services selected online (or requested via direct orders) may be amended to comparable competitive products by different providers. In other words, UPS and Fedex (and potentially others) may be used interchangeably with no prior communication. If you have a strong need to use a specific carrier, please communicate that with us directly or via comment fields.

Shipping Damage:

If your order appears to have sustained damage during shipping, we encourage you to either refuse shipment or get the carrier to note the damage prior to signing for the delivery. Damage claims for most carriers must be initiated within a very short timeframe (often 15 or less days) and must be as fully documented as possible. We are dependent on the carriers’ policies (and the manufacturers polices if the product was drop shipped) and do not offer additional guarantee beyond what they offer.

For orders that do not have externally visible damage, we encourage you to fully inspect the product as soon as possible, as noted above, the window of time for initiating a damage claim with a carrier is often very short. We are not liable for shipping damage not reported within the carrier timeframe and claims initiated too late will be treated as warranty or repair claims with the manufacturer.





International Sales:

We do not offer international sales via our website. Most of our manufacturers will not allow us to sell outside of our region (the region defined by them, most often the USA) without special consent. Purchasing a product from us and shipping it internationally after the fact can often result in a voided warranty. We encourage customers to purchase from authorized dealers in their region as defined by the manufacturer’s website (most manufacturers have a dealer location tool on their website). If you have extenuating circumstances and would like to discuss an international option, please contact us.